Not all of us are experts in identifying the right furniture, which might lead the dealers to fool us with an adulterated replica of what we wanted to attain or the completely artificial furniture. Such furniture lacks finishing and durability that brings along the regular repair expenses too. Teak furniture is the most adored decor for any arena but if you are not familiar with teak yet, then you might be concerned if the furniture you are buying is real teakor not. Since several woods easily resemble the others, straight identification of wood can be tough. Though teakhas special characteristics that differ from other woods, it is quite expensive too. Hence before buying, it’s better to acquiresome basic knowledge of teak.

This article will help you identify real teak wood by making you familiar with its features.

The sapwood of teak displays yellowish-white tint and the heartwood reflects golden-brown or darker shades of brown. The colour can vary according to the species, like for instance, the costliest Burma teak is golden-brown, while others have brownish colour in heartwood.An important identification point about teak is the staining done by carpenters. Often light coloured teak is stained by wood colour to provide it a browner and darker look.

An easily attributable feature of teak wood is the pattern of its grain. Grains appear on the surface after woods are sawn. The method or direction applied to saw the wood defines the pattern of its grain. Plain sawing is the most commonly used method that results into long grains on the surface of wood. Teak wood usually displays straight grain pattern.

Teak wood is moderately heavy. So you can carry out a simple check on the furniture by weighing it down. Average dried weight of Burmese teak is 41 lbs/ft3. In comparison to the solid teak wood, chipboards and medium density fibreboards covered with teak wood are lighter in weight.

Teak wood contains natural oil which helps keep termites and pests at bay toprevent it from getting decayed. This natural lubricant is the basic element in teak that makes it so durable. This protective oil in teak possesses a smell like leather. Hence, you can identify teak by sensing its distinct aroma.

Now above are few ways to identify teak wood, but all these are easier said than done, for it require a lot of experience with numerous types of wood. It's better to buy teak furniture from a trusted source or from any of the acclaimed furniture brands that have an esteemed value in market. Vetra Outdoor Furniture is among the top brands who manufacture classy outdoor d├ęcor. Being the best outdoor furniture company in Delhi/NCR, Vetra deals with renowned clientele like Radisson Hotels, Vivanta Hotels ,Taj hotels and Resorts, Mocha coffee house and many other famous organizations. They manufacture variety of outdoor embellishments like Garden Furniture, wicker furniture, patio furniture, poolside furniture and farmhouse furniture. Highly proficient in manufacturing the best products, Vetra has established a leading name in furniture market.

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