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Furniture is an integral part of decorating any space. Based on the theme decided, the living preferences and the clientele, budget it’s important to procure the right furniture for any place. At Vetra, an eminent furniture showroom focuses on quality and comfortable designs with our signature line in different styles and colors so as to fit diverse requirements.

Best Furniture Showroom in Noida

At Vetra, a well-known Furniture Showroom in Noida, besides a wide range of furniture, exquisite collection of accessories can also be facilitated which can coordinate with different themes and furniture pieces such as fireplace, gazebos, cabanas, poolside umbrellas, loungers etc. Every furniture piece is curated to meet the different needs of the furniture based on its location. Some of the types include:

Indoor Furniture

This type of furniture is created so that it can be typically placed inside a close or semi closed space. This furniture thus gets shielded from weather changes. Major collection of indoor furniture can be categorized into:

Living room furniture

As the living room is the most highlighted area of the house, it needs to be well furnished to help provide guests a sneak preview of the rich tastes of their hosts. Furniture pieces placed in the living room should be regal, comfortable, and spacious.

Furniture pieces for living room includes

·       Sofas

·       Chaises

·       Recliners

·       End Tables

·       Bookcases and open shelving

·       Swivels and Gliders

Dining Room furniture

The Dining room furniture is a personalized indoor space featuring comfortable furniture with trendy designs and easy maintenance. It should be low on maintenance.

Dining room furniture includes:

·       Dining tables

·       Armchairs

·       Side chair

Outdoor furniture

This type of furniture is curated specifically for the purpose of outdoor usage and should be weather resistant, durable, and sturdy. Furniture showroom VETRA, highlights the importance of enhancing outdoor space with furniture which is durable and provides a cozy seating area.

Some of the important pieces of patio furniture are:

·       Patio chairs

·       Patio benches

·       Glider and swings

·       Tables

·       Chairs

·       Sun lounger


Contact VETRA an eminent Furniture Showroom in Noida providing trendy furniture at an affordable price.
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